Feb 07, 2024 I have been selected as finalist for the George Girault Ph.D. award!! Europe’s highest honor for a robotics dissertation :heart:
Dec 18, 2023 I succesfully defended my Ph.D with Suma Cum Laude :blush:
Jun 02, 2023 We won Best Paper Award in Geometric Representations Workshop at ICRA 2023 for our work on SE(3) DiffusionFields.
Apr 28, 2023 I am a R:SS Pioneer! A 30 member strong-cohort of top early robotics researchers (%22 acceptance).
Mar 06, 2023 Accepted our IJRR paper on Composable Energy Policies.
Jan 17, 2023 Two papers accepted for ICRA 2023: SE(3) DiffusionFields and Hierarchical Policy Blending.
Oct 31, 2022 Started as Research Intern in Nvidia’s Robot Learning Lab.
Sep 13, 2022 Accepted in RA-L our work on Learning Stable Vector Fields on Lie Groups