Julen Urain

I am third year PhD student in Robot Learning at TU Darmstadt (Germany) in the Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab, advised by Prof. Jan Peters. My research interests lie in the interplay of robotics and machine learning. In particular I explore the combination of fields such as generative modelling, motion planning, optimal control, deep learning, Riemannian geometry and physics. My primary goal is to find out the algorithmic foundations for intelligent robot behaviors. My research vision entails studying the optimal integration of the structured requirements for robotics systems with learning and optimization. Much of my previous work has focus on the adaptation of the advances in generative modelling to represent robot motions. This lead me to design motion generation architectures and explore the connections between Imitation Learning to Generative Modelling.

Research Highlights

Benchmarking Structured Policies and Policy Optimization for Real-World Dexterous Object Manipulation

Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) 2021